Students who have applied and have been accepted to one of the JTS Online degree programmes or who will be doing an online class, will need to ensure that they meet the basic technical requirements of the Seminary.



Computer Requirements:

JTS Online students should ensure that they own a computer which meets the following basic requirements:

·        Windows 2000 or later, Linux, Apple

·        At least 512Mb of memory

·        Reliable internet access

·        Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera or Safari Web Browsers

·        Word Processing Software capable of reading and producing Microsoft Word formatted documents (.doc/.docx)

·        Presentation Software capable of viewing and presenting Microsoft PowerPoint presentations

·        Ability to read a CD



Technical Skills Needed:


In addition to the above requirements, it is suggested that students also have the listed basic skill level in computer use. Possessing these skills will help the student to be successful in his/her online courses.


·        Have a working knowledge of Microsoft Word and PowerPoint 

·        Be able to send and receive emails

·        Be able to attach documents to emails




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